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 Rotting Flesh

    One of the oldest and greatest bands in Death Metal scene in Greece is Rotting Flesh.They were in the scene since 1993 and keep spreading their extreme music.Here is an interview with the band.

Could you start off this interview with a short introduction of the band, info on how the band was formed and the origin of the name for our readers?
The band was formed back in 1993.During this time we have released 6 demos ,3 promo tapes and 2 official albums.The name just came out of true admire and desire for extreme music.

Which is the current line up of the band?
Blackmass is on vocals and guitar ,Argh is on bass Styx guitar ,Necrotek drums and we got a new member,Marilena as second guitarist.

You are one of the oldest and greatest bands in Death metal scene in Greece but i dont want to talk about the past so lets talk about “6 Enigma” give us some more details about your latest album?
Thats true,we are one of the oldest bands in undergroud Greek scene and thank you for pointing that out.6 enigma was recorded in 2008 and the recordings lasted about 6months.I can say,is the best thing we’ve done so far.

How happy are yourself with the final album, does it come up to your expectations?
We were really satisfied with the final result, actually it exceeded our expectations.

Are there certain songs on the album you want to mention or tell something about?
Every song is special to us, it’s unique and has it’s own dark atmosphere.I cannot mension just one.

Have you noticed any improvements in your sound with “6 Enigma”
All those years we’re trying to get our sound improved more and more.I think 6 enigma is our pick that we will try to outreach with our new album.

Who was responsible for writing the songs and the lyrics on this album and where do you get your inspiration from? What would you say are the main themes in your lyrics?
The vocalist/guitarist ,Blackmass,is the main songwriter and Argh,the bassist, is responsible for the lyrics.

How about the feedback from the fans? Do they like it?
People’s opinion is very important to us.Most of the fans got excited with 6 Enigma and we trully thank them for their support!

How would you describe the musical chemistry between the band members?
Each musician in our band is well-skilled and has something on his own to offer in the band .We are also having great time together,we are good friends.And we are all sick and rotten!m/ hahaha!

What are the best and worst things about being in a band?
The best thing is for sure that you get the chance to create and express yourself through music.And the worst,I think is when your mates betray you.

Can you tell me some of the bands or artists, that have been influential for the band?
There are many artists that we admire and respect,Its difficult to mension one or two.

Let’s also talk about your concerts.What represent the fact of being on stage for you?
Live performances are very important to us.People’s support and love is the greatest gift for a musician.And the feeling you re having when you are on stage is undescriable.

How would you describe one of your shows for someone who hasn?t seen you live?
We always put a lot of energy and fan in our gigs!We like to correspond with the audience and transmit our energy to them!

If you had to remember only one thing in …. career, what would it be?
Its difficult to pick just one moment from an 18year-long journey.I will always remember all those great moments we lived and the experiances we shared with fellow artists.I will never forget with the mighty marduk and other important bands like, the haunted, septic flesh, deviser, impaled nazarene,tyson dog, homo iratus, erevos, astrarot and many, many more!

What  has been the greatest challenge the band has faced up until today?
I think it is our new album.We are trying hard,so everything will be perfect.Also we are in search for a new label,which it’s also a challenge for us.

What is your opinion about the Greek scene?
For sure,there are many good bands in the Greek scene.And I dont mean only in Athens or Thessaloniki but anywhere in Greece.A big RESPECT to the Greek metal scene.

So is there any plans for new material in the near future?
Yes,we are in recording process now and in few months our new release will be out.And it will be the greatest thing ,Rotting Flesh,have ever made!So,prepare youselves!

Would you like to add anything?
I would like to thank you for giving us the chance to talk about the band and our plans.And also ,I would like to invite you all to our upcoming gig with the finnish legends,Impaled Nazarene at 8Ball club salonika on Feb.4th.

Kostas Sotiriou from Subexistance


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