Extreme Mental Abuse(Gbr) -Extreme Mental Abuse (ALBUM 2011)

Genre:Death Metal/Grindcore 

Country:United Kingdom

1. Condemned to Extinction
2. Mass Media Mind Manipulation
3. Monolithic Annihilation
4. Axis of Evil
5. Beyond Redemption
6. Corrupt Government
7. Extreme Mental Abuse
8. Hypnotic Denial
9. Global Stratospheric Obliteration
10. Prison Planet
11. One World Government
12. Scapegoat
13. Skull and Bones
14. Red Dawn
15. Political Hypocracy
16. No World Order
17. First World Tyranny
18. End Time Emergence
19. Backwards Step
20. Government Control 

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?63tld9xfgrv3475


Punished The Absent

Punished(Mex) – The Absent (EP 2016)

Genre:Death Metal Country:Mexico 01.Awakening 02.The Absent 03.Voices 04.Peace 05.[Truth] DOWNLOAD: http://turbobit.net/rlzj8unzy14t.html

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