Abhorrence(Pol) -Excremental Excrescence on the Vocal Cords (DEMO 1989)

Abhorrence - Excremental Excrescence on the Vocal Cords

Genre:Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal


1. Excremental Excrescence on the Vocal Cords
2. Muckhead
3. Scream of Anguish
4. Epidemic
5. Tolitical Typhoid
6. Inquisition
7. Die…
8. Caries of the Eyes
9. Scumbags
10. Stinking Gutters
11. Wormeaten Brain
12. Human Slaughterhouse
13. Nazi Sux!
14. Ash
15. Rotten Mind
16. Lies
17. The End

DOWNLOAD:  http://www.mediafire.com/?ocnd6ld8c2cdbhq 


Punished The Absent

Punished(Mex) – The Absent (EP 2016)

Genre:Death Metal Country:Mexico 01.Awakening 02.The Absent 03.Voices 04.Peace 05.[Truth] DOWNLOAD: http://turbobit.net/rlzj8unzy14t.html

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