Cannibal Feast(Can) -Blood, Guts, Gore & More (DEMO 2012)

Genre:Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind 


1. Pound Of Flesh
2. 24 Years Of Torture
3. Chopping Block
4. Hitchhikers Gone Wild
5. Rivers Of Gore
6. Axe To The Face
7. Hatchet Penetration
8. Cannibal Feast (Mortician Cover)
9. Zombie Munch
10. Rise Of The Revolter (Revolting Cover)
11. Beneath A Black Sky (SFU Cover Feat. Higheramplifier)



Punished The Absent

Punished(Mex) – The Absent (EP 2016)

Genre:Death Metal Country:Mexico 01.Awakening 02.The Absent 03.Voices 04.Peace 05.[Truth] DOWNLOAD:

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