Matthias Steele(USA) -Haunting Tales Of A Warrior’s Past (ALBUM 1991)

Genre:Power/Thrash Metal
Country:United States
1. Magick Wand
2. Warrior’s Anthem
3. Father Has Risen
4. Shadow of Illusion
5. Chosen One
6. Return… With A Vengeance
7. Tribunal
8. When My Dreams Cry Out
9. To the Guillotine
10. Beyond the Stygian Creek



Demise Awaits

Demise Awaits(USA) – Demise Awaits (EP 2009)

Genre:Heavy/Thrash Metal Country:United States 1. Extract 2. Defender 3. The Nothingsoul (re-recorded) 4. Omega (re-recorded) …

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