Rampage(Aus) -Veil Of Mourn (ALBUM 1988)

Genre:Progressive Speed/Thrash Metal  


1. Terrortaphobia (Fear of Giving Birth to a Monster) 
2. Acid Storm 
3. Devine Oracle 

4. Producers Edge
5. Sinister at Sunrise
6. Autopsy
7. Satrap
8. Transgression to Sin Under the Invisible Empire

DOWNLOAD: http://turbobit.net/mjhwz8aap3da.html


Demise Awaits

Demise Awaits(USA) – Demise Awaits (EP 2009)

Genre:Heavy/Thrash Metal Country:United States 1. Extract 2. Defender 3. The Nothingsoul (re-recorded) 4. Omega (re-recorded) …

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  1. Χαιρομαι που αναγνωριζεται το γκρουπ αυτο σημερα, που φυσικα ειχε περιλαμβανει μελη που μετα πηγαν στους Angel Of Death [Hobbs] … κλασσικο ’80 speed thrash, βαρυ, επιθετικο, αλλα και πολυ μουσικο, που του αξιζε πιο πολυ αναγνωριση τοτε. Επισης και καλο live γκρουπ, ειχα δει πολλες συναυλιες τους τοτε. \m/

    I’m glad this group is recognized today, which of course included members who later went to Angel of Death [Hobbs] … classic 80’s speed thrash, heavy, aggressive, but also very musical, which deserved more recognition then. Also a good live Group, I had seen a lot of their concerts back then. \m/

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