Ritual(Pol) -Surrealna Tragedia (DEMO 1995)

Ritual - Surrealna Tragedia

Genre:Brutal Death Metal


1. Prologos
2. Parados
3. The Oracle
4. The Moon
5. Skowyt ¶piewu
6. Creator of Murder
7. Before Time
8. The Instinct of Survival
9. Pora karmienia
10. The Bell of Death
11. In the Glitter
12. The Beast of Apocalipse
13. Eksodos

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?zjcina7nbn23oda  


Punished The Absent

Punished(Mex) – The Absent (EP 2016)

Genre:Death Metal Country:Mexico 01.Awakening 02.The Absent 03.Voices 04.Peace 05.[Truth] DOWNLOAD: http://turbobit.net/rlzj8unzy14t.html

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