Sound Pollution(Grc) – Practic Holocaust (demo 1988)

Death metal/Grindcore

All song titles and lyrics are in Greek.

A rough translation of track listing:

1)Carbonized Cadavers

2)The Guardians

3)Exhibition of Beauty 1

4)Exhibition of Beauty 2

5)Noctural Hell

6)Animal Genocide

7)Sick of it All

8)Athens 19,84

9)Only Death is Real

10)Love Song

11)D.R.I. – Sold out

12)New Dawn Rising

13)Strangers Amongst Friends

14)Trader in Death



Punished The Absent

Punished(Mex) – The Absent (EP 2016)

Genre:Death Metal Country:Mexico 01.Awakening 02.The Absent 03.Voices 04.Peace 05.[Truth] DOWNLOAD:

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